Standing Radha

Unknown1600 AD - 1700 AD

National Museum - New Delhi

National Museum - New Delhi

Radha, the soul mate of Lord Krishna, is in a dancing posture stands on a circular pedestal, which is in inverted lotus pattern. She is in tri-bhunga mudra and her hands and feet are in dancing posture. Bejewelled Radha’s figure is carved in round and her smiling face is very attractive. She is shown with vanamala (long garland), hair ornament, nose ring, bangles, armlets, earrings, necklaces, waist band, anklets and toe-rings.

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  • Title: Standing Radha
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1600 AD - 1700 AD
  • Location: Orissa, India
  • Physical Dimensions: w70 x h190 cm (without cover)
  • Type: Statue
  • Rights: National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi
  • Style: Ivory, carved and painted Art
  • Place Part Of: India