Some historians suggest that the "piggy" in piggy bank refers not to the porcine barnyard animal but to a 15th-century English term for a type of orange clay, "pygg," used for making household jars, dishes, and, perhaps, receptacles for holding coins. Centuries later, so the story goes, a potter, when asked to make a pygg bank, shaped the bank in the form of a pig. In the early 20th century, banks for saving coins appeared in the shapes of many different animals, figures, and buildings.

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  • Title: Still bank:Standing Pig
  • Date Created: 1920, 1920
  • Location: USA, USA
  • Subject Keywords: pig, pig
  • Type: More Toys, More Toys
  • Medium: painted cast iron
  • Object ID: 73.1514, 73.1514

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