String of 800 cash


British Museum

British Museum

As each individual coin was worth very little, cash coins of China and East Asia were often strung together into a larger unit of 1000. A string could contain fewer coins, but still retain its nominal value of 1000 cash. Although this particular assemblage of 800 coins looks more like a bunch of bananas, it can still be termed a 'string' of coins. It contains cash coins and forgeries from China (including an eleventh-century coin), Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The presence of coins from Vietnam and Hong Kong indicates that it probably came from the south of China.

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  • Title: String of 800 cash
  • Date Created: 1910/1910
  • Physical Dimensions: Weight: 1497.86g
  • External Link: British Museum collection online
  • Technique: cast
  • Registration number: 1996,1101.1
  • Production place: Made in China. Minted in China. Minted in Japan. Minted in Vietnam. Minted in Hong Kong
  • Place: Found/Acquired Vietnam
  • Material: bronze; brass
  • Copyright: Photo: © Trustees of the British Museum
  • Acquisition: Purchased from Simmons and Simmons