Stucco Reliefs at the Fembohaus

Donato Polli1734/1734

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Plaster of Paris. Stucco sculptor Donato Polli, a native of Muzzano on Lake Lugano in Switzerland, was based in Nuremberg from 1691 onward. On a commission from Johann Georg Ebersberger, he created a set of splendid reliefs for the staircase and several rooms on the first upper floor of the Fembohaus. These delicate, playful ornaments can be seen today in the new staircase up to the first floor, where they continue into the foyer. The reliefs on two fireplaces in the southwest and southeast corners of the room deserve special attention. The finest reliefs of all can be found in the adjoining "Regency Room," now a music room, which was already much admired by contemporaries at the time of its creation. Polli's graceful reliefs in the Fembohaus, ranging from the most delicate low relief to almost fully detached high relief, are superb examples of artistry and craftsmanship. He elegantly combines strapwork ornamentation with leaves and vines, as well as figures from ancient mythology.

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  • Title: Stucco Reliefs at the Fembohaus
  • Creator: Donato Polli
  • Date: 1734/1734
  • Provenance: Stadtmuseum Fembohaus
  • Type: Stucco reliefs