Sword Fragments

Unknown Creator-950/-701

Lynn Museum

Lynn Museum

A Late Bronze Age hoard consisting of 15 objects or fragments of objects discovered during metal-detecting in an area “8 paces by 10 paces” in plough soil. None of the fragments join and none seem likely to be parts of the same object. It is highly likely that two socketed axe heads previously recorded from the same area in 1988 and 1955 also formed part of this hoard, and also possible that a palstave axe head found in the same area in 1969 formed part of the original deposit. All the aforementioned finds will be given on Norfolk County Council Historic Environment Record (No. 24951).

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  • Title: Sword Fragments
  • Creator: Unknown Creator
  • Date: -950/-701
  • Location association: King's Lynn
  • Display Type: Reserve collections
  • Type: Sword
  • Medium: Copper alloy