Sword Guard with design of Dead Trees

Kamiyoshi Rakujyu the 3rd1817/1884

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum

It is regarded as a sword guard created by Rakuju (1817~1884), the 3rd of the Kamiyoshi school, based on the style of the work. Rakuju was a skillful craftsman, being called the second-coming of Hayashi Matashichi. He was good at inlaying texture patterns and creating open work design by learning the style of Matashichi’s work. This round-shaped iron piece has an open-work design of pine-like shape. It is sprinkled with gold inlay dead tree pattern on the flat area. The abstract inlay pattern is reminiscent of Matashichi.

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  • Title: Sword Guard with design of Dead Trees
  • Creator: Kamiyoshi Rakujyu the 3rd
  • Date Created: 1817/1884
  • Provenance: IDETA Collection
  • Publisher: Kumamoto prefectural Museum of Art