Tairiiri. Fan. Composite tairiiri with blade woven from kikau ou (young coconut leaf), dyed-red/orange overlaid apuraka (giant swamp taro) akamanea (decoration) and dyed-red kiriau (hibiscus fibre) akaverevere (fringe), attached to mauranga (handle) rakau (wooden). The blade is in the shape of an inverted triangle. Plaited commencement at the centre base of the blade. Woven out in vertical twilled-2 from the centre to form lower edge and sides of blade. Weaving technique then alters to a check weave with the incorporation of a design. Mostly natural colour with overlaid dyed-red/orange strips of apuraka decorating the top of the blade. Top edge of the blade is flat and is decorated with dyed-red strips of kiriau interwoven into the top edge of the blade forming the akaverevere. Blade is attached to a shaped mauranga rakau. Patterned fabric (light blue, green and black in colour) is wrapped around the centre base of the blade, near mauranga.

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