Tea bowl, Asahi ware

Matsubayashi Shosai XII (1865-1932)1880/1932

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University
Kyoto, Japan

The turning point for the Matsubayashi family came during the time of 8th generation potter Matsubayashi Chōbei (?–1852), who revived the long discontinued kiln and began producing implements for use in the practice of sencha (the ritual preparation of steeped, roasted green tea), which was a popular pastime at the time. His grandson, 12th generation Matsubayashi Shōsai (1865–1932), succeeded in reviving the old tradition of producing matcha tea bowls at the Asahi kilns.

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  • Title: Tea bowl, Asahi ware
  • Creator: Matsubayashi Shosai XII (1865-1932)
  • Date Created: 1880/1932
  • Location: Asahi kiln
  • Transcript: Tea bowl is used for drinking whisked tea at the Japanese tea ceremony. Reddish brown and white colors appear during the firing. It is due to the iron contents within the clay reacting the atmosphere inside kiln.
  • Type: ceramic, teacup
  • Original Source: Asahiyaki