Tea Bowl, Known as "Kimura"; Horimishima type

Joseon dynasty, 16th - 17th century, Korea

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum
Tokyo, Japan

Horimishima type is a style of Korean tea bowl with a design of woven wood fence pattern which is carved and inlaid with white clay. The bowls are said to have been made to orders from Japan. This work also features a flower design on both the inside and outside. From the flower decoration on the outside, which is rather rare, this kind of Horimishima tea bowl is known as “sotobana” (outside flower) style.

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  • Title: Tea Bowl, Known as "Kimura"; Horimishima type
  • Date Created: Joseon dynasty, 16th - 17th century, Korea
  • Location Created: Korean Peninsula
  • Place: 朝鮮
  • Physical Dimensions: w150 x h61 mm
  • Object Title: 彫三島茶碗 銘 木村
  • Object Notes(Japanese): 彫三島とは彫りによって桧垣文をあらわし白土を象嵌したもので、高麗茶碗の中でも日本からの注文によって作られたものという。この茶碗は彫三島の中でも内、外に花文があり、とりわけ外に花文があるのが珍しいところから外花手とよばれる。
  • Object Date: 朝鮮時代・16~17世紀
  • Donor(Japanese): 広田松繁氏寄贈
  • Donor: Mr. Hirota Matsushige
  • Type: Ceramic
  • External Link: http://www.tnm.jp/modules/r_collection/index.php?controller=dtl&colid=TG2705&t=search

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