Tea bowl with design of family crest

Unknown16th-17th century, Yi dynasty

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum
Fukuoka-ken, Japan

This tea bowl has family crest designs, which are painted with ferrous pigment on both sides of the body. It is a deep tea bowl with curves sharply around the waist. The mouth was slightly distorted that looks as if other parts are being pushed outward in another direction and its rim is curved slightly inward. It is applied with engobe from the top to the lower part on the reddish brown base paste and coated with ash glaze all over. It assumes pale bluish white color on the body and reddish color at a part of the lip. The drips of the glaze are running from the lip to the lower part. The base clay is visible from the places which are left of unglazed at the dark green bottom. Rokurome (finger marks in a thrown piece) can be seen around the bottom. It has two crack lines which were repaired with gold lacquer.

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  • Title: Tea bowl with design of family crest
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 16th-17th century, Yi dynasty
  • Location Created: Unknown (Waegwan kiln, Korea)
  • Physical Dimensions: H: 9.2cm; Dia: 15.0cm-14.3cm (mouth), 5.2cm (base); Wt: 465g
  • Type: Ceramic

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