Tea scoop and case

Ichio Iori17th century, Edo period

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum
Fukuoka-ken, Japan

Many masters of the tea ceremony make their tea scoop by shaving a bamboo by hand. Therefore, tea scoop reflects the masters’ tastes and characteristics.
The creator of this tea scoop, Ichio Iori, was a master of the tea ceremony and also a retainer of the shogun in the early Edo period (17th century). He learned the way of the tea ceremony from Hosokawa Sansai, and started the Ichio branch of the Sansai school. Iori is said to have been good at making tea scoops. This tea scoop is of average length. The storage tube of the scoop is a formal style called “shin”, which is achieved by shaving all surface of a bamboo to create a smooth jointless tube. This style gives a dignity to the piece. It has ink inscriptions, ‘Ichio’ and ‘Ichian’, written on the tube.

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  • Title: Tea scoop and case
  • Creator: Ichio Iori
  • Date Created: 17th century, Edo period
  • Physical Dimensions: Tea scoop: 17.9 × 0.9 cm Container: 21.4 × 2.5 cm
  • Type: Lacquerware