It's certainly a somewhat surreal scene: the Master stands opposite himself, on either side of a table whose foot is a frightening mask. Above, the artist's coat of arms hangs in splendor, together with his epitaph from the Johannes Cemetery in Nuremberg, while the edge of the table bears Dürer's alleged motto, "Through work and constancy." Yet this etching by Lucas Kilian doesn't content itself with merely demonstrating admiration for a great predecessor: if we look carefully, we find that only the palette at the right edge of the picture is a reference to Dürer as a painter, while all the other items are drawn from the subjects covered by his three textbooks. And why is the portrait on the right dated 1517, even though the painting it's based on is clearly dated 1511 and has an entirely different inscription? The list of questions is as long as it is intriguing.

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  • Title: Temple of Honor for Albrecht Dürer
  • Creator: Lucas Kilian
  • Date: 1617/1617
  • Provenance: Kunstsammlungen der Stadt Nürnberg
  • Type: Copper engraving