Terrorism across the world


Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

The painting portrays some major acts of terror that shook the world with panic during the past decade. Two multi-storeyed red structures are towers of World Trade Centre, New York, which in a terror attack two aircrafts had destroyed killing hundreds of people working there. The circular building on the left is Indian Parliament which too was subjected to terror attack. Around it is the aircraft which with over hundred-fifty passengers on board was hijacked to Kandhara. All around are guns, explosions, eyes full of tears and scenes of devastation, and the cruel face of terror frames it from all sides.

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  • Title: Terrorism across the world
  • Creator: Shalini
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 83 X 62.5 cm
  • Subject Keywords: Madhubani School
  • Type: Madhubani Painting