Testimony of Wiesław Kielar: Mala's part in the Escape

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Testimony of Wiesław Kielar, former Auschwitz prisoner, Camp number 290

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  • Title: Testimony of Wiesław Kielar: Mala's part in the Escape
  • Date: 1944
  • Location: Auschwitz, Poland
  • Transcript: Mala’s part in the escape (...) At that time, rumors started to spread that the SS wanted to liquidate all living Jews in the Camp, and later would come the time for other nationalities. This eventuality was a possible. Everything was possible here in Birkenau. Because there was no way of acquiring a second SS uniform, we decided that we will escape in the following manner; so, Edek, who knew German rather well, would be the SS-man and I, the prisoner he was escorting to an ausen kommando. The plan was simple. It was only necessary to get a, so-called pasierschein (permission for a prisoner to move about within the large security cordon, without being guarded by an SS-man). I tried to get in contact with a messenger with this goal in mind, a young Jew from Slovakia. He had access to the Blockführerstube and could steal a couple of these types of papers. But, nothing came of this. This boy was not suited for this type of work. For several days, Edek was walking around lost in his thoughts. Something was bothering him. One evening, after a visit to the dentist’s, he decided that we should talk. We went behind the block......Here, you could speak freely. We stopped our discussions on the subject of the escape in the block. We were being more careful. Edek was speaking quite a bit about the FKL and about Mala. This surprised me, because he had never spoken so much about this subject. He said that he is very attached to Mala. That they know one another so long, so much connects them, and that it will be very difficult to leave her behind, moreover, that she is ill with malaria and sooner or later, she will share the same fate as other Jews. For now, life is good for her, she is under the care of Oberauseherin Drechsler, everybody likes her, even the SS-men,

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