The “SOS” Infant Nursing Packs

INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

The WHO and UNICEF estimate that 1.5 million infants die annually from sicknesses traceable to infant formula bottle feeding. If this holds true, then bottle feeding is killing more humans than the notorious AIDS disease. Researches and investigations have revealed that although infant formula may need to be improved nutrition-wise, the formulation is not the major cause of these deaths, but the way and manner in which it is handled. Improper dosage of the powder formula can cause kidney failure, while the use of unclean water or blending of the formula mixture with local pap coupled with exposure of the feeding bottle to poor environmental conditions are the real killer factors.

The SOS Infant Nursing Packs are designed to save millions of infants dying annually from contaminated bottle feeding and proposes a more hygienic, traceable means of feeding infants with infant formula which can easily be controlled and regulated.

This design reflected on the history of certain items which became more efficient when they became disposables and hence the name: “SOS” (Same Old Story) Packs; by the same token deduced that the handling and distribution of infant formula is one major area which could be improved or innovated. Since the calls for boycott and attacks on the infant formula producers have not reduced the number of deaths annually, and also the fact that all the hitherto procured remedies has to do with electricity or car-battery operated sterilizers, which are too sophisticated, bulky and too expensive for the majority of women in the developing countries; it may be a plausible alternative to try the idea of a completely disposable feeding packs, which will not require sterilizing.

Children are precious gifts to their parents; why should we fold our arms and watch 1.5 million of them to die painfully every year?

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