The Acknowledgement Of Sovereignty (December 27, 1949)

Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta1973

Monumen Nasional‎

Monumen Nasional‎

The relentless struggle of the Indonesian people in combating the second military aggres sion of the Dutch, including the pressures that had been imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations, had forced the Dutch
govemment to return to the negotiation table. The negotiation that took place in Jakarta on May 23, 1949, was successful with the issuance of the Roem Royen Agreement. The agreement ordered the reinstatement of the Indonesian Government in Yogyakarta, the preparation for a Round Table Conference and the withdrawal of Dutch troops from Yogyakarta. The Round Table Conference was officially opened on August 23, 1949, in The
and was concluded on October 29, of the same year. The conference produced one monumental outcome: the the Netherlands acknowledges the sovereignty of Indonesia under the Republic Federation of Indonesia.
The formal ceremony transferring sovereignty over Indonesia was held on December 27 , 1949 in Amsterdam, and on the same day, a similar ceremony was carried out in Jakarta.

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  • Title: The Acknowledgement Of Sovereignty (December 27, 1949)
  • Creator: Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta
  • Date Created: 1973
  • Location: Monumen Nasional, Central of Jakarta
  • Publisher: Kantor Pengelola Kawasan Monumen Nasional