The Adoration of the Magi

Unknownabout 1240

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The miniature of the Adoration of the Magi is a cutting from a sequence illustrating the story of Jesus' life in a thirteenth-century psalter. The artist illustrated the visit of the three wise men from the East to pay homage to the newborn Jesus, as told in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. The king at the center of the miniature points to the unseen star that guided their journey. Below, an elderly king presents a chalice to the baby Jesus. The chalice and the round object the Virgin Mary holds may allude to the wine and wafer of the Eucharist. In that sacrament, Jesus' blood and body are understood to be present in the wine and bread that are consecrated and shared. Rather than representing the Virgin and Child in the modest surroundings described in the Gospels, the artist emphasized the majesty of these holy figures. The Virgin is regally enthroned, crowned, and richly attired, while Jesus already has the features of a grown man and extends his right hand in blessing. The stylized draperies with their intricate folds and the strong lines defining the figures' faces suggest some Byzantine influence.

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  • Title: The Adoration of the Magi
  • Date Created: about 1240
  • Location Created: Würzburg, Germany
  • Physical Dimensions: w13.5 x h17.8 cm
  • Type: Detached leaf
  • Rights: http://www.getty.edu/legal/copyright.html
  • External Link: http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=112307
  • illuminator: Unknown
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  • Subject: The Magi, Adoration of the Magi, Christ Child, Mary