The Ancestral Dress 1

Pala Pothupitiya2002/2002

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

The artist was born in Deniyaya in Sri Lanka and currently lives in Pita Kotte.Pala Pothupitiya often incorporates elements of traditional craft in his work. Candy Dance is a famous traditional dance in Sri Lanka but the dancers are socially regarded as lower class. As if he is paying homage to his own father who was a Candy dancer, the artist decorates the bust of a dancer excessively. Ironically, the materials he chooses are cheap plastic and discarded materials. He may well suggest that the contemporary industrial materials and neon lights in urban cities that he used in his work have a common allure with traditional culture.

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  • Title: The Ancestral Dress 1
  • Creator: Pala Pothupitiya
  • Date: 2002/2002
  • Physical Dimensions: w38 x h53 cm
  • Type: fiberglass, cord, wood, plastic, cloth and glass