The Art of Difficult Choice

Izabella Antonina Gustowska2006/2006

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The Art of Difficult Choice is a multimedia installation, whose “twin” Art of Easy Choice, is also a part of CoCA's collection. In the former, the artist used film quotations, taking up the issue of image functioning in contemporary civilization being saturated with its variations. The visual structure of the piece is based on a virtual frame with fragments of films inscribed into it. It modifies itself during the projection and introduces a temporal element into the work. The starting point for the development of the entire narrative is a bright oval appearing against the dark background of the wall. Intensely, or even unnaturally green, it contrasts with the background, exposing the immaterial substructure of the electronic picture. Its interior is filled with an image of a spinning glass sphere, whose surface is being deformed by a landscape fragment reflected in it. “Hatching out” from this casket-like composition, are nine green planes used for the projection of the thematically ordered film quotations taking the form of a camera-eye or a peep-hole. They align kaleidoscopically along the edge and in the centre of the induced square, creating a simultaneous transmission of scenes which are visually discreet, yet matched in content. Thus, the structure created by Gustowska is a loop in its nature, animated by the subsequent film plots, whose presentation form gives the impression of cinematic quotes being randomly scattered over the screen. The artist has used, among others, the films by Almodovar, Bergman, Disney, Fellini, Tarantino, and the Wachowskis, etc. [E. Jarosz]

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