The Artist’s Son, Takeshi

Chihiro Iwasaki1951 - 1951

Chihiro Art Museum

Chihiro Art Museum

In 1950 Chihiro married Zenmei Matsumoto, and in April of the following year she gave birth to a boy, Takeshi. At the time, Zenmei was studying to become a lawyer, thus the family had to rely on Chihiro’s income. For this reason, Chihiro reluctantly asked her parents, who lived in Matsukawa Village, Nagano Prefecture (where Chihiro Art Museum Azumino currently stands), to temporarily look after her child so she could concentrate on her work. This sketch, inscribed with the words “My beloved Takeshi,” was made when Chihiro paid a visit from Tokyo to see her son. Upon returning to Tokyo, she pinned the sketch in front of her drawing desk and worked diligently, dreaming of the day when her family could all live together again.

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  • Title: The Artist’s Son, Takeshi
  • Creator: Chihiro Iwasaki
  • Date: 1951 - 1951
  • 画家名 (日本語): いわさきちひろ
  • 作品説明 (Japanese): 1950年、ちひろは松本善明と結婚し、翌年4月、長男・猛を出産しました。夫は司法試験をめざして勉強中で、ちひろが絵筆一本で生活を支えなくてはならなかったため、一時やむなく、生後間もない息子を長野県北安曇郡松川村(安曇野ちひろ美術館所在地)の両親のもとに預けました。「私の可愛い猛」と書き込まれたこのスケッチは、ちひろが東京から息子に会いにいったときに描いたものです。東京に戻ってから画机の前に貼り、再び家族がいっしょに暮らせる日のために必死に働いたといいます。
  • 作品名 (日本語): 「長男・猛」
  • creator: Japan
  • Physical Dimensions: w190 x h142 mm (complete)
  • Type: sketch
  • Rights: Copyright © 2013 Chihiro Iwasaki Memorial Foundation. All rights reserved.