The Bakst-Paquin Combination


The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The Bakst-Paquin Combination
The world fame that came to Léon Bakst after the creation of the costumes and stage sets for the Russian Seasons, did not satisfy him, and he is looking for something fresh […] in a completely new area. An unavoidable thing happened — Léon Bakst has finally designed dresses.
The photographs on this page shed plenty of light on his talents in this area. It was a great pleasure for Bakst to make up and draw these dresses; however, to find a couturier capable of sewing them is a totally different thing. His choice of Paquin was the best he could make, because no other fashion house could offer the designer a better artistic understanding or higher level of craftsmanship. Naturally, Paquin cannot be blamed that she needed inspiration from the outside and Monsieur Bakst’s assistance. Bakst’s intricate design was materialized in minute detail, and the collaboration between Madame Paquin and Monsieur Bakst resulted in a collection of dresses that was unprecedented in every respect. We can congratulate Madame Paquin and Monsieur Bakst on this result. The artist showed us a different aspect of his amazing gift, and the Paquin house will never feel sorry that it opened its doors to the artist. Comments to illustrations:
Under the deep red cape with no sleeves is a silk mustard-colored cote de cheval dress — the sophisticated netting combination of this materials and white sateen with a white belt. Designed by Bakst. Manufactured by Madame Paquin.

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  • Title: The Bakst-Paquin Combination
  • Creator: Vogue
  • Date Created: 1913/1913
  • Location Created: USA
  • Physical Dimensions: hat, veil, shoes, gloves, hairdos
  • Provenance: Vogue
  • Type: newspaper
  • Medium: silk