The Banjar War

Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta1972

Monumen Nasional‎

Monumen Nasional‎

For some time, the Dutch had held the right to be fully involved in determining the successor of the Sultan of Banjar. In 1824 issues pertaining to the succession of the Sultan began to arise, as the Dutch was adamant in handing over the crown to a candidate of their choice. This move was challenged by the Sultan and his people. Prabu Anom, the Crown Prince that was designated by the Sultan to succeed his position, was imprisoned by the Dutch in Banjarmasin. The other potential candidate, Prince Hidayatullah, was also held by the Dutch and transported to Java. This situation led to a revolt by Prince Antasari and the people of Banjar in 1859. On May 9, 1859, Prince Antasari besieged and attacked the Dutch coal mines in Pengaron.

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  • Title: The Banjar War
  • Creator: Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta
  • Date Created: 1972
  • Location: Monumen Nasional, Central of Jakarta
  • Publisher: Kantor Pengelola Kawasan Monumen Nasional