The "Beautiful Room" from the Pellerhaus

Lorenz Bayr et al.ca. 1609 -1611

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Artists: Lorenz Bayr (woodwork at window end), Lucas Scheffer (paneling on long sides of room), Philipp Nordheimer (ceiling paneling), Georg Gärtner the Younger (ceiling paintings); Walnut and other woods, oil painting. In his day, Martin Peller counted as Nuremberg's richest merchant. In 1609 he began work on a splendid room in the second upper story of his "Pellerhaus," exquisitely decorated with ceiling paintings and wood paneling, and especially intended to impress visitors. He called it his "studieto," a room for collections. The walls were hung with paintings from his extensive collection of contemporary Italian art and works from the age of Dürer. The Pellerhaus, one of the finest late-Renaissance houses in Germany, was almost completely destroyed in 1945. Fortunately, the fittings of the Beautiful Room had already been conveyed to safety during the war, and in 1957/58 it was reconstructed in the rear building of the Fembohaus.

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  • Title: The "Beautiful Room" from the Pellerhaus
  • Creator: Lorenz Bayr et al.
  • Date: ca. 1609 -1611
  • Provenance: Stadtmuseum Fembohaus
  • Type: Room interior