The Bird that shaded the Moon

Maria Guia Pimpão2012

Dionísio Pinheiro And Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation

Dionísio Pinheiro And Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation

“The Bird that shaded the Moon”, adventure cast over a magnificence of shapes and movements, in a painting which translates to the starving audience accomplice for the fabulous and imaginary, with the complicity and nimbleness of understanding, in a pictorial composition over mists and shades of Light and the clarity of the Boy’s soul wondering among images and metaphors, gazing at us, looking… Rhythmic soft strokes that cause shadow and bucolic candid life sensed on the animals; a medium exercise that offers us the artistic and romantic universe, transporting us in a scenic way to the stage of a hidden and present sense of history in circular motion, giving shape to dreams that shape the audience.
This work is the cover for the book “Princess in the Darkness”, by Cláudia Pereira, published by Foundation Dionísio Pinheiro e Alice Cardoso Pinheiro.
Maria Guia Pimpão was born in 1945 in Peraboa, Covilhã, Portugal, and lives in Coimbra. She was involved in the Círculo de Artes Plásticas [Circles of Plastic Arts] in 1972/1972, and, since 2007, she is seen at the Oficina Livre de Pintura da Árvore [Open painting Workshop at Árvore], Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas [Cooperative of Artistic Activities], Oporto, under the guidance of Master Alberto Péssimo. She exhibits since 2004, with some 40 individual exhibitions. She has participated in over 60 collective national and international exhibitions.
She has received Honours Distinction Silver 2012 and Honours Distinction Gold 2014, at Mário Silva Prize, by the Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego-Portuguesa [Galician-Portuguese Association for Friendship and Arts]. She has illustrated in acrylic the poetical works of Leocádia Regalo “Lia no País da Poesia” [“Lia at the Poetry Land”], Palimage.
Her painting is mainly figurative. The intense colours and the human trait dominate her work. She is a painter of affections.

O Mistério Dos Dias

Não sei ainda
desvendar o mistério dos dias.
Passo por caminhos batidos
e neles pressinto
a revelação.
A cada sinal
atribuo um sentido.
Em cada encruzilhada
descubro a nublosa
justificação das coisas.

Se me fosse possível
renovar o instante
em que me suspendo
do fio das palavras
silabadas na limpidez primordial
em puro magma
a espiral de silêncio
que volteia fúlvida
no invisível cristal
das coisas por nomear.

Leocádia Regalo, in Sob a Égide da Lua, 1999.

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  • Title: The Bird that shaded the Moon
  • Creator: Maria Guia Pimpão
  • Date: 1945
  • Date Created: 2012
  • Location Created: Coimbra
  • Physical Dimensions: 920 x 730
  • Provenance: Vieira Duque Colection
  • Type: Acrylic on canvas
  • Painter: Maria Guia Pimpão
  • Original Title: O Pássaro que fazia Sombra na Lua
  • Credit Line: Text: © Fundação Dionísio Pinheiro e Alice Cardoso Pinheiro / Vieira Duque, Translation: © Translation with Colour® (http://translationwithcolour.wordpress.com), Luís Arruda / Fundação Dionísio Pinheiro e Alice Cardoso Pinheiro, Photo: © Fundação Dionísio Pinheiro e Alice Cardoso Pinheiro / António Santos