The Bus

Frida Kahlo1929

Museo Dolores Olmedo

Museo Dolores Olmedo

On 17 September 1925 Frida was on a bus to Coyoacán, accompanied by her boyfriend Alejandro Gómez Arias. They were returning home from school. Frida never dared to depict the accident directly in a work, though she did make some drawings and this painting entitled The Bus, which shows a group of passengers traveling in the same means of transport. The painting shows a barefoot indigenous woman, a worker, a middle-class gentleman, and a young woman who might well be Frida herself. A child is looking out the window on a landscape full of tranquility, where a shop named La Risa (The Laugh) outstands. This detail is characteristic of Frida Kahlo’s black humor, who represented the moment just before the accident in this way.

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