The Comedy of Fashion

Léon Bakst1913/1913

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow, Russia

Mlle Marcelle Praince, Théâtre des variétés
Mlle Arlette Dorgère, Vaudeville
Mlle Lucienne Guett, Michel
Hats based upon Léon Bakst’s designs, created by Camille Roger
6, Rue de la Paix
A hat in 1913. — Three hats designed by Léon Bakst. — Ornaments
Here’s something new: three hats designed by Léon Bakst and created by Camille Roger to enchant. Three charming styles and silhouettes, three favorites: Mlle Lucienne Guett, Arlette Dorgère, and Marcelle Praince — all three of them from the world of theater. Lucienne Guett stars as a coquette at Théâtre Michel; Arlette Dorgère will enjoy her habitual success in Honneurs de la Guerre at Vaudeville, as soon as these styles become available; and Marcelle Praince is hailed every evening at Théâtre des varieties.
Bakst’s inexhaustible gift has found its new manifestation in the women’s hat. However, he does not reveal his entire talent yet…
Instinct with the best traditions of good taste, Camille Roger fashion house has created models according to the design by the Russian maestro. Camille Roger managed to add to them a subtle artistic understanding, and we sincerely congratulate Léon Bakst on this collaboration! <…>

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  • Title: The Comedy of Fashion
  • Creator: Chapeux de Léon Bakst
  • Date Created: 1913/1913
  • Location Created: France
  • Provenance: Chapeux de Léon Bakst
  • Type: newspaper