The commemoration of Balthazar

Unknown author16-17th Centuries

National Palace of Ajuda

National Palace of Ajuda
Lisbon, Portugal

In the lower left-hand side of the composition is a warrior wearing classical military attire illuminated by the flame of a torch. In his left hand, he holds a staff, a testament of his status as a military leader. In his right hand, he holds what appears to be a German shield. The banquet is candle-lit, the reflexion of which is shown on the precious golden tableware.
The central theme of the composition is a candle-lit banquet showing courtesans in the company of King Balthazar. The King looks on in astonishment at the prophetic inscription MANE THETEL PHARES that has been written on the other side of the room. To his left, his Queen seems to want to confide something to him. The remaining dinner guests seem oblivious to what is preferring instead to drink their wine and engage in conversation. Opposite the King a youth holds a torch illuminating the inscription, three musicians and largest piece of the serving set.

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  • Title: The commemoration of Balthazar
  • Creator: Unknown author
  • Date Created: 16-17th Centuries
  • Location: National Palace of Ajuda
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: DGPC/ADF