The Dressing Room

Jan Christian Kamsetzer (1753-1795)1792

The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum

The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum
Warsaw, Poland

The Dressing Room functioned not only as a place for daily ablutions, but also as a place where the king rested and worked. Its furnishings mainly comprised 17th-century paintings from the monarch’s collection, as well as exquisite furniture – chests-of-drawers, games tables, bookcases and a reading table. Due to the king’s passion for reading, there is no wardrobe in the Dressing Room, but instead bookcases with books. The Dressing Room reconstructed on the basis of a design for refurbishing the interior by J. C. Kamsetzer from 1792.

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  • Title: The Dressing Room
  • Creator: Jan Christian Kamsetzer (1753-1795)
  • Date created: 1792