The Ecological Urinal

The Index Project

The Index Project

Imagine sharing a toilet with 1000 others. Imagine risking being raped or harmed on your way to the toilet. Imagine drinking water that is contaminated with urine and faeces. Imagine the stomach-churning smell of open sewers wafting through your window. For millions of slum-dwellers these horrors are a daily reality.

Worse still, one of the biggest culprits of disease and death in slums is the lack of sanitary toilets. In a world with state of the art toilets that do everything from warm the toilet seat, scent the air, cover the noise with the sound of birds chirping, and delicately wash your behind, it is abominable that there are people without access to toilets. In fact, more people have access to a mobile phone, than have access to a toilet – evidently, we need to refocus on sanitation shortcomings.

The Ecological Urinal is an adaptable funnel that connects to locally available jerrycans. At only $3 it is affordable to most slum dwellers, and this unisex urinal provides clean, accessible, and safe access to toilets inside homes. It has been built to prevent odour, and requires minimal maintenance.

The Ecological Urinal also allows slum dwellers to capitalize on their waste, as the urinal refines the urine into high quality fertilizer that they can sell. Currently the Ecological Urinal is being trialed among women in Nairobi with great success, and it is anticipated that it will become widespread in slums.

Poor sanitation kills more than warfare. Fact. Ecological Urinal is accessible, affordable AND profitable.

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  • Title: The Ecological Urinal
  • External Link: The Ecological Urinal - INDEX: Design to Improve Life® website
  • Sustainable Development Goals targeted: Good Health & Well-being
  • INDEX: Award Cycle: 2013
  • INDEX: Award Category: Home
  • Driver(s) of Change: Income Inequality, New Economic Models
  • Designed By: Designers Without Borders
  • Country of Design : Norway/Uganda