Bangalore in India does not have a compilation of eco-related material, and extensive research - including a focus group discussion as well as surveys of 150 people in Bangalore from different income groups - revealed that what users want to know is very often what sellers do not want to tell.

The Ecosource Project is a print directory with stories, facts, investigations and evaluations about products, services and ideas of ecology and sustainability. It is designed to inform, provoke, inspire and clarify.

The Ecosource Project was conceived to create a new resource for Bangalore, India, which provides information in a manner that is different from normal listings. The design of this directory hopes to show the interconnectedness of ecology and provoke decision making. It hopes that ordinary citizens will understand the issues that usually are not black and white through the way the information has been categorized.

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  • Title: The Ecosource Project
  • External Link: The Ecosource Project - INDEX: Design to Improve Life® website
  • Sustainable Development Goals targeted: Responsible Consumption & Production
  • INDEX: Award Cycle: 2005
  • INDEX: Award Category: Community
  • Driver(s) of Change: Climate Change, Globalization, Mega Urbanization
  • Designed By: Poonam Bir Kasturi Nomita Khatri, Tanushree Bhat, Kanikya Kini, Tara Goswami, Gitanjali P, Shikha S
  • Country of Design : India