The EX-ILSA industrial complex

Cebano Monregalese High School

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove
Napoli, Italy

The old chimney of the industrial complex is now a city "monument" as a symbol of the industrial past of this area. The reason why we decided to adopt it was to study and promote an important story of our territoy, in a relationship of continuity between past, present and future. From September 2017 the teaching workshops of the CFP (Machine tools and Welding) have been transferred and located in a part of this complex. As a corollary of the historical study of the complex, the students will also realize a deepening inherent in the study of the history of the "Vespa" Piaggio.
On June 1, 1907, the Società Anonima Cotonificio di Ceva was established. During the first years of the Second World War the premises were used as a warehouse of the Galliano barracks and partly also during the German occupation .
The Germani military command in 1944 authorized the Piaggio industry- engaged at that time in the production of airplanes for the Royal Air Force and some pieces of aircraft engines of the Luftwaffe -to decentralize part of its activity in Pontedera and Finale Ligure. After the war, it maintained its headquarters in Ceva, devoting itself to the construction of mechanical parts of the Vespa scooter and components for the railway network and for trains.In the following years, most of the industrial complex remains unused until 1985, the Municipality of Ceva buys the entire building and after the November 1994 flood, there was a massive series of interventions for the recovery and reuse .Today, within the structure are located: the tennis club, bowling club, an indoor court for soccer and tennis, the school canteen, the headquarters of the Voluntary Fire Fighters Bosch

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  • Title: The EX-ILSA industrial complex
  • Creator: Cebano Monregalese High School
  • Location: Italy, Piemonte, Cuneo, Ceva