The Genius of Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti1472

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Leon Battista Alberti is the symbol of Humanism, and the façade of the Church of Sant'Andrea in Mantua is his masterpiece. Born in Genoa to an important Florentine family, which was in exile at the time, he studied law, mathematics and geometry. He would soon bestride every field of the arts and also became a writer, with "On Painting" one of his standout works. An interpreter of the words of the apostles, he also examined ancient monuments and drew up a treatise on architecture, De re aedificatoria. As the first modern architect, he designed works for some prestigious clients, often without taking part in the construction himself. His portfolio includes: the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini, the exterior of the Church of Santa Maria Novella and the Chapel of San Pancrazio in Florence, buildings in Mantua and the Rotonda della Santissima Annunziata, which was sponsored by Gonzaga but erected in Florence. He was a prolific writer on a range of subjects such as grammar, philosophy and ethics. He was also a musician and mathematician.

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  • Title: The Genius of Alberti
  • Creator: Leon Battista Alberti
  • Date Created: 1472


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