The gorge at Yanakllillah, and Arthur's Station

George French Angas1847

State Library of South Australia

State Library of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia

Plate 29: Two illustrations: The GORGE AT YANKALLILLAH 'not far from the beautiful and picturesque residence of Mr Kemmis, surrounded by the rich valleys of Yankallillah ... the hills descend abruptly to the plains and are intersected by deep ravines and gullies ... the position chosen for the accompanying view is looking South West towards the entrance to the Gorge; to the right, the hills descend to the sea shore, forming perpendicular cliffs towards Rapid Bay...'; and ARTHUR'S STATION, with one of the volcanic wells: Mount Schank in the distance. Early morning. 'About three hundred and sixty miles to the S.S.E. of Adelaide ... a marine formation exists, evidently raised from beneath the sea by volcanic action: in many places coral limestone appears on the surface, and circular cavities, like vast wells, occur here and there .. containing lakes of pure fresh water ... The tree to the right is a 'banksia' ... the huts are built of coral limestone and thatched with sheets of bark; and water is raised by means of a pulley from the never-failing reservoir below'.

This is one of 60 coloured lithographs found in the 1847 edition of 'South Australia Illustrated' by colonial artist George French Angas, together with a descriptive passage for each. The lithograph was created by J.W. Giles from Angas' original painting. The date assigned is assumed to be approximately when the lithographs were created; the original paintings were done in earlier years.

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  • Title: The gorge at Yanakllillah, and Arthur's Station
  • Creator: Angas, George French (1822-1886), Giles, JW
  • Date Published: 1847
  • Location: Yankalilla, Mount Schank
  • Physical Dimensions: 166 x 252 mm (top), 169 x 252 mm (bottom)
  • Original Language: English
  • Publisher: Thomas M'Lean, London
  • Original Source: http://www.catalog.slsa.sa.gov.au:80/record=b2793076~S1
  • Rights: This work is out of copyright.No copyright restrictions apply.
  • Medium: lithograph