The hole for VIP

Hui-Lin Chuang2010

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Shiny Plastic Tubes Hang From The Ceiling Like Hair In This Large Space With Its High Ceiling, A Reflection Of Customer’s Dancing Waves Of Sweeping Long Hair In The Salon Below As The Power Of Straightness Dances And Interplays In The Air Above.

Chuang Hui-Lin Uses Plastic And Through Repetitive Handicraft Work Draws Out The Boundless Appeal Of Ordinary Materials. The Crisscrossing Plastic Pipes At The Top And Bottom With Their Mirror Finish Acrylic Extend From Mid-Air Directly Into Our Field Of Vision. As Viewers Enter The Store The Lines Move And Change In Intriguing Ways. At The Same Time, If You Stand In This Linear Space And Look Upwards, The Mirror On The Ceiling Reflects Ones Own Image Back. In This Space The Combination Of Mirror And Lines Creates A Magical Atmosphere Shrouded In Silver And White. The Lines Interweave Like Silk And Resemble Fine Fiber But Durable And Extendable, A Medium For Dialogue Between People And Space

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  • Title: The hole for VIP
  • Creator: Hui-Lin Chuang
  • Date: 2010
  • Medium: Plastic tube, acrylic, wood
  • Location: VISAVIS