The Ice Monolith

Stefano Cagol2013-01-01/2013-01-01



A monolith of ice of the Alps appeared in Venice along the shore in Riva Cà di Dio during the Venice Biennale opening week and disappeared in a 72 hours melting process, documented by a 72 hours video shooting. A 3 days public action, a kubrickian metaphor questioning about the serious fate that is affecting the planet. Stefano Cagol himself, based in a village in the Alps and just back from projects in the Arctic region, is witnessing the on- going vanishing of the so called “eternal ice.” Ice melts to water. The water of the monolith dissolving to the lagoon joins then billions and billions of gallons of water that in the next decades risk to overwhelm the most sensitive areas of the globe. The Maldives is one of the first, but also Venice. Alps and Maldives, ice and sun, so far but so close, connected by the same fate.

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  • Title: The Ice Monolith
  • Creator: Stefano Cagol
  • Date: 2013-01-01/2013-01-01
  • Location: Riva Cà di Dio, Maldives National Pavilion, 55. Biennale d'Arte, Venice
  • Photo Credits: Stefano Cagol
  • Provenance: Courtesy the artist
  • Type: Performance
  • External Link: http://www.stefanocagol.com/
  • Medium: Public performance, ice block, 72 hours melting process, 72 hours video shooting