The Indonesian Association

Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta1973

Monumen Nasional‎

Monumen Nasional‎

Indonesians studying in the Netherlands spearheaded the overseas struggle for the independence of Indonesia. In 1908, the Indische Vereeniging (Association of the Indies) was established. The association began as a social gathering for Indonesians and students who pursued their studies in the Netherlands. On February 19, 1922, the association held a meeting in The Hague. One of the important decisions that came out of the meeting was to replace the name of the association from Indische Vereeniging to Indonesisch Vereeniging. The name was once again changed to Perhimpunan Indonesia (the Indonesian Association) on February 8, 1925. The association demanded that the Dutch East Indies government to focus their responsibilities on Indonesian people rather than the government of the Netherlands. The association also de manded the independence of Indonesia and the establishmen of a nation based on the power of its own people. In comparison to their colleagues who remained in Indonesia, the Indonesian students in the Netherlands had greater freedom. In February 1927, The Indonesian Association brought their struggle into an International Forum by taking part in a Congress on Anti Imperialism and Colonial Repression organized by the Anti Imperialism and The Rights to National Independence League in Brussels. In the following years, the propaganda put forward by the Indonesian Association be.came bolder and more criticaL which led to the arrest of the Associations leaders that inclu d ed Mohammad Hatta, Abdul Madjid
Joyohadiningrat Ali Sastroamidjojo and Nasir Pamuncak. The arrest were made based on the such accusations as, being a member of an unauthorized association, being involved in a revolt and in provoking the people to retaliate against the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The court, however; acquitted them of all charges.

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  • Title: The Indonesian Association
  • Creator: Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta
  • Date Created: 1973
  • Location: Monumen Nasional, Central of Jakarta
  • Publisher: Kantor Pengelola Kawasan Monumen Nasional