The Jewelry of Jewish Brides in Northern Yemen

Unknown19th century - Mid 20th century

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

In northern Yemen, close to the border with Saudi Arabia, Jewish communities were scattered among remote towns and villages. Many of the Jews were silversmiths, and the silver jewelry they produced using the filigree and granulation techniques differed in style and motifs from that created in other parts of Yemen.

Worn on holidays and in ceremonies, the set of jewelry shown here created a shining silver frame around the woman's face. The labbeh necklace adorning her forehead was also worn around the neck. From their wedding until their death, Jewish women wore their hair in two braids decorated with silver hoops ('aluj), and were bedecked with jewelry, most of which was concealed under wraps and scarves.

Credit: Purchased through the gift of Bruce Kovner, New York

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  • Title: The Jewelry of Jewish Brides in Northern Yemen
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 19th century - Mid 20th century
  • Type: Jewelry
  • Rights: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Elie Posner
  • External Link: Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Curator: Bar’am Ben-Yossef, No'am; Hovav, Revital