The Lake

Via Laparelli primary school

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Once upon a time, in Rome, a few steps from Porta Maggiore, a factory that produced viscose, the Snia occupied 14 hectares of land in all, and right here during the Second World War there were tents, uniforms and backpacks for the soldiers at the front, and the anti-aircraft shelter of the neighborhood was built under the factory. The crisis of the Italian chemist, however, led to the divestiture of Snia in 1955: a real abandonment of the warehouses and offices, which remained hidden behind the wall, leaving the vegetation to recover its space.
On March 20, on the occasion of the visit to the lake with children, parents, thanks to the collaboration of the forest ranger, a tree was "baptized" by the students with the name of "Liberto" who grows very well thanks to the help of the volunteers of the forum.
On April 13, the class visited the former historical archive, and having emerged in the historical reconstruction that 2 relatives of 2 students worked in the factory, Mr. Fracassi, doing a search, was able to find the cards relating to the relatives of the students and so we read them together.
On June 6th there was a final event of the whole path at the park house ex snia with the presentation of all the works produced by the children who were then donated to the historical archive.
This year as soon as I became aware of the competition that you banished I immediately thought of involving my class to continue to take care of our beloved lake that has a long and sad history related to building abuses.
So we made this video that tells the story of the lake and the story of the children of IV B at the lake.

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  • Title: The Lake
  • Creator: Via Laparelli primary school
  • Location: Italy, Lazio, Roma