The letter

He Kongde1956

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

During the later stage of the Korean War, the voluntary soldiers often read the letters from their relatives in the narrow tunnels in their free time. An old soldier who leaned himself against the entrance of the tunnel was reading a letter in the faint light. Beside him, a young soldier who was sitting by the fire was listening carefully. It seemed that through the letter which is full of love, they were imagining the prosperous development of China or lost themselves in their deep concern for their families . It's worthwhile to ruminate over the expression of the soldier who is in the front of the picture. He was leaning against the corner of a desk, his right hand reached to the fire to warm himself, while he was holding his gun tightly in his left hand. His intense black eyes which are filled with love for hometowns seemed to be very persistent. The messy cups, sticks, food and the soldier who was holding the gun by the window shows that it's not a peaceful barback but a dangerous frontier. Out of the tunnel, the fierce battle was still ongoing.

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  • Title: The letter
  • Creator: He Kongde
  • Date: 1956
  • Type: Oil Painting
  • Physical Format: Length: 200cm Width: 146cm
  • Artist's Nationality: China
  • Artist's Gender: male
  • Artist's Dates: 1925.4-2003