The Lord Bird


Museo Casa del Mendrugo

Museo Casa del Mendrugo

According to the first interpretation, the first character with a fleshless chest is wearing a toothed bird mask with feathered ornaments and from the beak of the mask there is a word appearing and is directed to a second character that has a bird beak with ear ornaments and also a mask in his hand. A third character who has a deer headdress is kneeling on the open jaws of the underworld. He delivers the last words, notes or sounds of a ritual. Meanwhile, a ball and a plant emerges from Mother Earth. The fleshless body makes an allusion to death, and the jaws with the cleft suggest the idea of a sacrifice around the fertility concept. The ball symbolizes the seed and the blood means the precious water that allows it to develop. This is all under the watchful eye of the character with the deer dress.

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  • Title: The Lord Bird
  • Creator: Unknow
  • Date Created: 900/1521
  • Location: Oaxaca-Puebla
  • Type: Cráneo
  • Medium: Hueso