The Lord Hand Firm


Museo Casa del Mendrugo

Museo Casa del Mendrugo

According to the first investigation, the first character has the most important experience in his life imprinted on his skull. This engraving is an epitaph telling the story of his power, bravery and courage. The front view shows he is dressed simply and looks for a triumph that legitimizes him as a ruler. In the struggle he takes another character by the hair and puts him in a position of submission where he utters a word. The second character is dressed in a comparable style so it could be from the same hierarchy. After his victory, the character appears lavishly dressed with a cloak and headdress. This skull with intentional cranial abnormalities corresponds to a male between the ages of 25 to 30 years. Studies on the deterioration of bone tissue and the engraving showed that the decoration was made when there was still muscle tissue connecting the bones. Probably it was made shortly after the death of the person and perhaps without removing the head from the body. We find that there is no forensic evidence involved with the first cervical vertebra.

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  • Title: The Lord Hand Firm
  • Creator: Unknow
  • Date Created: 900/1521
  • Location: Oaxaca-Puebla
  • Type: Cráneo
  • Medium: Hueso