The Lord Word of Death


Museo Casa del Mendrugo

Museo Casa del Mendrugo

In the first scene, the Lord wears a jaguar headdress that covers his head and chin in his hands he carries two weapons: a spear and a knife. In the next scene the royal messenger is wearing a simple dress in his hand. He is carrying a seashell trumpet that is positioned in front of his mouth from which, the symbol of sound appears. At the bottom of the scene a fish appears. In the third scene, the character is richly dressed as a King. From his mouth appears a word of death that is represented by a skull. The set represents the commemoration of a war where the Lord calls for battle through his royal messenger that is blowing the seashell trumpet.

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  • Title: The Lord Word of Death
  • Creator: Unknow
  • Date Created: 900/1521
  • Location: Oaxaca-Puebla
  • Type: Cráneo
  • Medium: Hueso