The Man who Puts Girls on Fire

Wolfgang Lettl1967

Lettl Collection

Lettl Collection

The Title

Pictures need to have names.
Numbers would also sufficeto make distinctions or for the purpose of cataloguing, but to characterize and to talk about a painting one needs to name it.

It could be lapidary and simply indicate what can be seen on the picture: "Lady with a blue shawl", for instance.

In surrealism, a name could have several meanings.
It could bring an additional motif into play or direct the eye towards some specific direction, even to an erroneous one.
It can circumscribe or be ironic, veil or unveil.
It can simulate or disappoint, be banal or poetic.
It can clarify or be a play on words.

We often take a long time to come up with the right name, since it is unfortunate when a picture ends up with an unfitting name.

(Text: Wolfgang Lettl)

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  • Title: The Man who Puts Girls on Fire
  • Creator: Wolfgang Lettl
  • Date Created: 1967
  • Location Created: Augsburg
  • Style: Surrealism
  • Physical Dimensions: w135 x h96 cm (without frame)
  • Original Title: Der Mädchenanzünder
  • Subject Keywords: nude painting, Surrealism, Lettl
  • Type: Oil painting
  • Rights: Florian Lettl
  • External Link: The Lettl Collection
  • Medium: oil paint, medium-density fibreboard