The map of "Operation Kalavryta"

German Occupation Forces

Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust

Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust

The order for the launch of Operation "Kalavryta" was signed on November 25th, 1943 by General Karl von Le Suire, the commanding officer of 117th Jager Division. The objects of the mopping-up operations were “ to wipe out the bands of partisans in the Patras-Mazeika Kalavryta and Trypia areas, to hunt down the communists and to search for weapons, propaganda material etc. in the villages, as well as to locate the missing 5/749 mixed Company of the Jager Regiment, captured on October 17th, 1943 in the vicinity of Royi village and impose measures of retaliation against those found responsible for its disappearance".
(In accordance with the plan prepared for Operation Kalavryta, as outlined in the Wolfinger special order (I December 1943), the German occupation forces advanced from three different starting-points and converged on the Kalavryta area:
The first task force (A.A. 116 and 1/737) started from Megalopoli and Tripoli under Captain Albert Gnass.
The second task force (11/749) started from Patras under the orders of Lieutenant-Colonel Julius Wolfinger, the commanding officer of the 749th Jager Regiment.
The third task force (1/749) started from Aigion under Major Hans Ebersberger.
At the same time German columns advanced from Korinthia and Ilia to complete the cordon encircling the Province of Kalavryta and prevent the resistance groups from escaping.

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  • Title: The map of "Operation Kalavryta"
  • Creator: German Occupation Forces
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