The Monza racetrack

Paolo Frisi Scientific High School

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

We have chosen to adopt the Monza racetrack for many reasons: because it represents the historical memory of the city of Monza; it is worldwide known and it is an example, unique in its kind, of sports archeology; as a part of the splendid Monza park; as an emotional memory of generations who have loved and frequented these places; as a symbol of engineering constructive capacity linked to the science of construction and the laws of physics. In January 1922 the Automobile Club of Milan, on the occasion of the celebrations for its 25th anniversary, had decided to build a new track in order to carrying out technical and speed tests, in view of the development of Italian car industry. The optimal area for the construction of the circuit in the northern sector of the Monza Park was identified and, on July 28, 1922, it was possible to cover the Monza track for the first time , the official inauguration was on September 3rd and, on September 10th, of the same year the 2nd Grand Prix of Italy took place. Within a few years, the circuit allowed an extraordinary development of the performance of cars and motorbikes that reached the then amazing speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour, with the great protagonists of the history of motoring of all time.
The post-war years marked a rapid rebirth of the circuit and of the collateral structures so as to allow the resumption of sporting activities in 1948. In the fifties the track returned to have the high-speed ring in reinforced concrete with the two large raised curves that reach in the upper part an 80% gradient, a masterpiece of engineering technique, today no longer used but witnesses of a rich season of technological innovations.

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  • Title: The Monza racetrack
  • Creator: Paolo Frisi Scientific High School
  • Location: Italy, Lombardia, Monza