The Roman Amphitheatre in Durrës


Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra

This early 2nd century AD Roman amphitheatre remained unknown to the world until the 1960s. Located in the very centre of the city, known in antiquity by the name of Epidamnos or Dyrrachium, and with a capacity of 15.000 to 20.000 spectators, it is one of the most remarkable heritage sites not only in Albania but in the whole Balkan region.

Due to its late discovery, the monument has endured chaotic urban planning, which has affected its structure, and it has suffered from continued deterioration. The major challenge is therefore to ensure its successful integration into the urban fabric of Durrës. This heritage gem is also threatened by a lack of financial resources, natural causes and neglect. Encouraging current research projects and raising public awareness about the exceptional value of this amphitheatre are steps which need to be taken urgently.

Its subsequent complete restoration would not only put the ancient city of Durrës back on the map of historic sites in Europe but also trigger the social and economic revitalisation of the second biggest city in Albania.

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  • Title: The Roman Amphitheatre in Durrës
  • Creator: ADCT
  • Location: Durrës, Albania