Liu Jude was born in 1946 in Inner Mongolia. He graduated from the Department of Ceramic Arts of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in 1970 and was assigned to Yunnan People's Publishing House as an art editor. In 1978, he joined Professor Pang Fuqian's postgraduate class in the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, and stayed at the university to teach after graduation. Now he is a professor, vice president, doctoral supervisor, chairman of academic committee, director of Wu Guanzhong Art Research Center, Tsinghua University, and director of China Artists Association. He enjoys special allowance from the State Council. His works have been collected by the Australian Museum, St. John's University and the Ford Foundation of the United States. His representative works include Sunflower, Lotus Pond, Gobi Beach and White Light Landing. The publications include Liu Jude's Sketch Collection, Graphic Imagination, Face to Image and so on.

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  • Title: The Roots
  • Creator: Liu Jude
  • Type: Painting on porcelain
  • Medium: Ceramic glazes