The Scenery of Fuchun River crosses Our Hometown Tonglu County

Huang Gongwang1351

China Modern Contemporary Art Document

China Modern Contemporary Art Document
Beijing, Chine

This picture is just one part of Huang Gongwang’s masterpiece scroll painting “The Scenery of Fuchun River crosses Our Hometown Tonglu County”. Huang Gongwang was one of the "four famous painters in Yuan Dynasty". After the creation of “The Scenery of Fuchun River crosses Our Hometown Tonglu County”, collectors all took it as a treasure. In Qing Dynasty, collector Wu Hongyu loved the painting so much that even wanted to take it to his afterlife when he was dying. It was said that when he burned the painting, his families were really reluctant to damage the treasure and saved it from the fire, but the painting was still burned into two sections. The small section is now known as the "Leftover Mountain" volume and is collected in the Museum of Zhejiang province. This painting is the large section, also known as "Painting by Wu Yongshi". This work was completed by Huang Gongwang at the age of seventy-nine for his friend Zheng Chu who was a Taoist. The painting depicts Fuchun River scenery in Zhejiang province. It was said that Huang Gongwang started learning painting very late, but he was quite talented and loved sketching painting very much. He liked to carry brush and ink to the outside and paint the natural scenery. This long scroll painting is six meters in length, painting the view along Fuchun River. It should also be the fruit of Huang’s daily observation of nature and accumulated practices of painting skills.


  • Titre: The Scenery of Fuchun River crosses Our Hometown Tonglu County
  • Créateur: Huang Gongwang
  • Date: 1351
  • Provenance: National Palace Museum
  • Physical format: painting, 33h x 63.6w cm
  • Dynastic period: Yuan Dynasty
  • Medium: colors on paper
  • Artist's birth and death date: 1269-1354

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