The Sendombo Mask

An anonymous artistUnknown - Unknown

The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum

The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tsam masks

The characters of Tsam religious dance are mostly wrathful Buddhas; hence their faces are depicted with fierce sharp eyes, open mouth, bared teeth and fangs and in sharp vivid colors. The mask is decorated with javdar hanging on temples, darjin covering the back and earrings, all of which are created with elaborate silk applique and embroidery with the crown and earrings carved. The mask is twice the size of human head and the Tsam dancers eyes look through the
gap of the mouth.

In creating the Tsam masks, the mask mold is engraved in accordance with the iconographic design; the mask is made in paper-mache and is painted with colors and ornamented.

The masks of wrathful deities have a diadem of five skulls, that symbolize the elimination of five evils of anger and hatred, jealousy, pride, ignorance and desire – the sources and causes if sins. The Vajrapani (Thunderbolt Holder) wears the diadem of five lotus petals, which has the same symbolic representation.

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  • Title: The Sendombo Mask
  • Creator: An anonymous artist
  • Date: Unknown - Unknown
  • Physical Dimensions: w47 x h47 x d54 cm
  • Provenance: The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum
  • Type: Papier mache
  • Rights: The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum