The Sketchbook of Johann Christoph Haller von Hallerstein

Johann Christoph Haller von Hallersteinca. 1800

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Various drawing materials on paper, original cardboard binding. The important Nuremberg graphic artist Haller, born in Hiltpolstein in 1771 into one of the city’s most highly respected patrician families, soon discovered his talent for the graphic arts and sought appropriate training. His 58-sheet sketchbook, very well preserved, was acquired from a private owner. The work has hitherto been entirely unpublished, and contains a total of 76 separate drawings and sketches, some of which were pasted later onto blank pages in the book. They present an informative cross-section of Haller’s diverse work, including anatomical studies, copies of works by the Old Masters, memorandum pages and preliminary studies for his etchings and bookplates.

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  • Title: The Sketchbook of Johann Christoph Haller von Hallerstein
  • Creator: Johann Christoph Haller von Hallerstein
  • Date: ca. 1800
  • Provenance: Kunstsammlungen der Stadt Nürnberg
  • Type: Sketchbook